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Which Court?

Courts in Western Australia are administered by the Department of the Attorney General through the Court and Tribunal Services division. The judiciary presides over the courts and delivers justice to the community through sentencing in criminal cases and rulings in civil cases. The judiciary - which includes all judges and magistrates - is the third, independent arm of government. Court and Tribunal Services supports the judiciary by providing administration and resources.

Court and Tribunal Services' mission, in partnership with the judiciary, is to 'provide a court system which is responsive to community needs for access to justice'. It facilitates speedy and affordable court and tribunal processes that also recognise the independence of the judiciary.

There are different levels of courts in Western Australia, with the highest court being the Supreme Court. Courts operate at more than 123 locations in the State.

All court sittings and tribunal hearings are open to the public, except where laws dictate otherwise. Appropriate interpreter services are provided upon request at no cost to the defendant or witness.

Last updated: 1-Sep-2015

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