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The daily cause list for 4 August 2015

The Court is open to the public.

Court Type CoramLocation File Number Matter Time
Court of Appeal - CivilMurphy J.A.
Court 7CACV 29/2015Armstrong v. Commissioner for Consumer Protection(Directions) 11:30
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 157/2015Aus Asia Minerals Limited v. BallAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8CIV 1617/2015Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited v. MeneghelloAt 09:15
Registrars ChambersDixon 
Court 5CIV 1396/2015Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited v. WattAt 09:30
Registrars ChambersDixon 
Court 5CIV 1092/2015Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited v. Wright & AnorAt 09:30
Judge's CMC ListPritchard J.
Court 1, Floor 14, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1900/2015Australian Livestock Suppliers P/L v. Minister for Mines and PetroleumAt 09:30
Registrars ChambersDixon 
Court 5CIV 1204/2015Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited v. KohAt 09:30
In ChambersSanderson 
Court 8CIV 1132/2015Carr v. Larussa Pastoral Holdings P/L(By Appointment) 14:15
In ChambersPrincipal Registrar 
Mediation RM 1, Floor 17, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1295/2015Chaisri v. Thygesen & Ors(Mediation Conference) 09:30
Case Management HearingsDixon 
Court 3, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1562/2015Commonwealth Bank of Australia v. Cicchini & AnorAt 12:20
Registrars ChambersDixon 
Court 5CIV 1490/2015Commonwealth Bank of Australia v. McPhersonAt 09:30
Registrars ChambersDixon 
Court 5CIV 2220/2014Commonwealth Bank of Australia v. TunuiAt 09:30
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8CIV 1715/2015Commonwealth Bank of Australia v. Van Der Westhuizen & AnorAt 09:15
In ChambersPritchard J.
Court 1, Floor 14, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1895/2015Cooke Consulting P/L as trustee for The Cooke Family Trust v. Jellie(By Appointment) 10:00
Case Management HearingsDixon 
Court 3, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1585/2015Corlett & Anor v. Field & OrsAt 11:00
In ChambersJenkins J.
Court 10CIV 2269/2012Cossens v. Petta(By Appointment) 10:00
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8CIV 2044/2015DavisAt 09:15
Court of Appeal - CivilMartin C.J.
Buss J.A.
Chaney J.
Court 1, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCACV 80/2014Dean v. Collins (As Executors of the Estate of Ethel May Lewis) & Ors(For Judgment) 09:30
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 155/2015Duro Felguera Australia P/L v. Trans Global Projects P/LAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 156/2015Duro Felguera Australia P/L v. Trans Global Projects P/LAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8CIV 2006/2015East v. St John of God Health Care Inc & OrsAt 09:15
In ChambersC Boyle 
Mediation RM 1, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2167/2014Elliott v. Trifunoski(Mediation Conference) 11:00
Court of Appeal - CivilBuss J.A.
Newnes J.A.
Mitchell J.
Court 1CACV 95/2014Ethnic Interpreters and Translators P/L v. Sabri-Matanagh(For Hearing) 10:30
Court of Appeal - CivilMurphy J.A.
Court 7CACV 56/2015Frigger & Anor v. Clavey Legal P/L(Directions) 12:00
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 30/2015Gledich v. OJG Engineering P/LAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 147/2015GMR Securities P/L v. Credex Management P/LAt 09:15
In ChambersAllanson J.
Court 2, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1597/2014Hitchcock v. Goldspan Investments P/L(By Appointment) 10:00
Court of Appeal - CriminalMazza J.A.
Court 3CACR 142/2015Howard v. The State of Western Australia(Bail Application) 10:30
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8CIV 1560/2013J P Corporate P/L v. PalermoAt 09:15
Court of Appeal - CivilMurphy J.A.
Court 7CACV 71/2015Kanar v. A & S Sadak P/L(Directions) 11:00
In ChambersDavies 
Mediation RM 2, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2931/2013Kennedy v. Kennedy(Mediation Conference)
Kennedy v. Kennedy(Mediation Conference)
Registrars ChambersDixon 
Court 5CIV 1030/2015Keystart Loans Limited v. DoyleAt 09:30
Registrars ChambersDixon 
Court 5CIV 1063/2014Keystart Loans Limited v. Gaspar & AnorAt 09:30
Registrars ChambersDixon 
Court 5CIV 1629/2015Keystart Loans Limited v. MitchellAt 09:30
Judge's CMC ListLe Miere J.
Court 11CIV 1389/2014Khan v. Fairfax Media Publications P/LAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 119/2015Kirman & AnorAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 120/2015Kirman & AnorAt 09:15
Judge's CMC ListLe Miere J.
Court 11CIV 2121/2013Marcello v. Pacific Industrial Company (WA) P/L & OrsAt 09:15
Judge's CMC ListLe Miere J.
Court 11CIV 1830/2008Merrick Tyler P/L v. Commissioner of Main RoadsAt 09:15
Case Management HearingsDixon 
Court 3, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1311/2014Miller v. TaylorAt 12:00
Case Management HearingsDixon 
Court 3, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2050/2015Muzz Buzz Franchising P/L v. Foehn Investments P/L & AnorAt 12:40
Registrars ChambersDixon 
Court 5CIV 1205/2015National Australia Bank Limited v. EvansAt 09:30
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8FRJ 3/2015Origin Management Services (2008) Limited v. FungAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 64/2013Palermo & Anor v. Super 4 P/L & AnorAt 09:15
In ChambersWhitby 
Mediation RM 4, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2439/2014Perpetual Limited v. Lawrence(Mediation Conference) 10:00
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 48/2015Pipewest P/L & Anor v. Richards & OrsAt 09:15
Industrial Appeal CourtBuss J.
Le Miere J.
Murphy J.
Court 11IAC 4/2014Public Transport Authority of Western Australia v. The Australian Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Union of Employees, Western Australia(For Judgment) 09:00
In ChambersKenneth Martin J.
Court 2, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1156/2015Ralmana P/L v. BGC Contracting P/L(Directions) 09:15
Court of Appeal - CivilMurphy J.A.
Court 7CACV 69/2015Randles & Anor v. ANZ Bank(Directions) 10:30
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 160/2015Rocke & OrsAt 09:15
In ChambersWhitbread 
Court 5CIV 1855/2011Rural Bank Limited v. McCagh & Ors(Strategic Conference) 10:30
Court of Appeal - CriminalMcLure P.
Mazza J.A.
Hall J.
Court 3CACR 164/2014Sathitpittayayudh v. The State of Western Australia(For Judgment) 09:30
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8CIV 1362/2015Secure Funding P/L v. BrownAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8CIV 1804/2015Secure Funding P/L v. Gill & AnorAt 09:15
In ChambersBush 
Court 9CACV 46/2015Servcorp WA P/L v. Perron Investments P/L & Anor(By Appointment) 10:30
In ChambersS Boyle 
Mediation RM 3, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2767/2014Stitfold v. Perpetual Trustee Company Limited(Mediation Conference) 10:30
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8CIV 2445/2014Szulc v. SzulcAt 09:15
In CriminalMartino J.
Court 6INS 105/2015The State of Western Australia v. Jacob Daniel Greentree(Plea)
The State of Western Australia v. Trei John Whiting(Plea)
The State of Western Australia v. Blaise Christopher Baddeley(Plea)
The State of Western Australia v. Rowan George Jackson(Plea)
The State of Western Australia v. Ryan John Clift(Plea)
The State of Western Australia v. Corey Paul Johnson(Plea)
In CriminalMartin C.J.
Court 2INS 261/2014The State of Western Australia v. Leonie Evette Harris(Sentencing)Not Before 10:30
In CriminalSimmonds J.
Court 4-1, District Court Building, 500 Hay Street, PerthINS 332/2014The State of Western Australia v. Rory Simpson(Trial by Jury) 10:00
In CivilLe Miere J.
Court 11CIV 1372/2010Warren v. Lawton & Ors(Part Heard) 10:30
Judge's CMC ListLe Miere J.
Court 11CIV 2738/2014Watson v. CSR LimitedAt 09:15
In ChambersChaney J.
Court 1, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1442/2014Williams v. Schwarzback(By Appointment) 10:00
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 171/2015WoodingsAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 8COR 161/2015Woods & Anor v. Hopkins & OrsAt 09:15
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