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The daily cause list for 22 December 2014

The Court is open to the public.

Court Type CoramLocation File Number Matter Time
Supreme Court (Full Bench)Simmonds J.
Chaney J.
Pritchard J.
Court 1 12:15
Supreme Court (Full Bench)Heenan J.
Le Miere J.
Hall J.
Court 1 (Admissions)  09:15
Supreme Court (Full Bench)Le Miere J.
Kenneth Martin J.
Mazza J.
Court 1 (Admissions)  10:00
Supreme Court (Full Bench)Le Miere J.
Kenneth Martin J.
Corboy J.
Court 1 (Admissions)  10:45
Supreme Court (Full Bench)Simmonds J.
Chaney J.
Pritchard J.
Court 1 (Admissions)  11:30
Court of Appeal - CriminalMazza J.A.
Court 3CACR 117/2014Anderson v. The State of Western Australia(Directions) 15:00
In CriminalCorboy J.
Court 7SJA 1076/2014Culverwell v. The State of Western Australia(Directions) 12:00
In CriminalHall J.
Court 2MCS 35/2008Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia v. McGarry(DSO Review) 10:00
In ChambersBeech J.
Court 10CIV 1810/2014Forge Construction P/L v. Hamersley Iron P/L(By Appointment)
Hamersley Iron P/L v. James & Anor(By Appointment)
Forge Construction P/L v. Hamersley HMS P/L(By Appointment)
Hamersley HMS P/L v. Davis(By Appointment)
In ChambersDavies 
Court 5CIV 1770/2013Glenbrook Nominees P/L v. Sharp & Anor(Mediation Conference) 10:00
In ChambersDixon 
Mediation RM 1, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2600/2014Hall v. AMACA P/L(Mediation Conference) 10:15
In ChambersDixon 
Court 2, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2026/2012Love v. Brien(Means Inquiry)
Love v. Brien(Means Inquiry)
In CriminalCorboy J.
Court 7INS 235/2013The State of Western Australia v. David Leslie Wilson(Sentencing) 09:15
Court of Appeal - CriminalMartin C.J.
Mazza J.A.
Hall J.
Court 2CACR 209/2013Wilson v. The State of Western Australia(For Judgment) 10:00
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