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The daily cause list for 2 July 2015

The Court is open to the public.

Court Type CoramLocation File Number Matter Time
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1CIV 1916/2015Australia and New Zealand Banking Group LimitedAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1CIV 2535/2014Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited v. CiullaAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1CIV 1852/2015Baldock v. Public Trustee & OrsAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1COR 135/2015BNP ParibasAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1COR 118/2015Burgess Rawson (WA) P/L v. Daniele Nominees P/LAt 09:15
Judge's CMC ListChaney J.
Court 1, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCOR 27/2014Carrello v. Perrine Architecture P/LAt 09:15
In ChambersMitchell J.
Court 6CIV 1183/2013Commissioner for Consumer Protection v. Lines & Ors(Application) 10:30
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1COR 115/2015Commissioner of State Revenue v. Corona Butchering P/LAt 09:15
In ChambersSanderson 
Court 1COR 18/2015Contra- Flow P/L v. BP Contracting Civil and Mining P/L(By Appointment)Not Before 11:00
In ChambersS Boyle 
Mediation RM 2, Floor 17, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2267/2014Curnow v. Wallace & Ors(Mediation Conference) 10:30
In ChambersSanderson 
Court 1CIV 2521/2014De Campo v. Dawson(For Judgment)
Lafferty v. Waterton(For Judgment)
Range Resources Ltd v. Lind Asset Management LLC(For Judgment)
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1COR 114/2015Dimark Transport P/L v. Aussie Scrap Metal P/LAt 09:15
In CriminalJenkins J.
Court 3MCS 33/2006Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia v. Alvisse(DSO Review) 10:00
In ChambersBush 
Court 9CACV 65/2015Frigger & Anor v. Lean(By Appointment) 10:30
Judge's CMC ListKenneth Martin J.
Court 2, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1847/2015Giardina v. Bilich & AnorAt 09:15
In ChambersSanderson 
Court 1COR 30/2015Gledich v. OJG Engineering P/L(For Judgment)Not Before 10:30
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1FRJ 2/2015H M Prison Services v. PeachAt 09:15
In ChambersWhitby 
Mediation RM 3, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1125/2015Holyoake v. Mackness & Ors(Mediation Conference) 10:00
Judge's CMC ListLe Miere J.
Court 1, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2735/2014Jopson v. Insurance Commission of Western AustraliaAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1COR 131/2015Karada v. HVLV P/LAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1COR 116/2015Kimberley Sustainable Development P/L v. Pegasus Metals LimitedAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1COR 108/2015Langdon & AnorAt 09:15
Judge's CMC ListLe Miere J.
Court 1, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2121/2013Marcello v. Pacific Industrial Company (WA) P/L & OrsAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1CIV 1639/2014Marshall v. SalibaAt 09:15
Judge's CMC ListLe Miere J.
Court 1, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1672/2013Martin v. CSR Limited & AnorAt 09:15
In ChambersDixon 
Mediation RM 2, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthLPA 2/2015Papworth v. LMB Barristers and Solicitors(Taxation of Costs) 10:15
In ChambersAllanson J.
Court 2CIV 1822/2015Santos v. State Director of Public Prosections & Anor(Directions) 09:15
In CriminalJenkins J.
Court 3INS 330/2014The State of Western Australia v. Anthony James Brennan(Sentencing) 09:15
In CriminalBeech J.
Court 7INS 108/2015The State of Western Australia v. Brayden James O'Connell(Plea)
The State of Western Australia v. Fhiarh Kelly McCoy Henry(Plea)
The State of Western Australia v. Peter Anthony Fox-Slater(Plea)
Albany Circuit CourtA Supreme Court Judge 
AlbanyINS 256/2014The State of Western Australia v. Danny Jay Brooks(Trial by Jury) 10:00
In CriminalAllanson J.
Court 2INS 357/2014The State of Western Australia v. Ian Daniel Arthur Gray(Directions)
The State of Western Australia v. Justin Davison(Directions)
In CriminalCorboy J.
Court 7-1, District Court Building, 500 Hay Street, PerthINS 334/2014The State of Western Australia v. Steven Roberts(Trial by Jury)
The State of Western Australia v. Stephen Gregory Gandy(Trial by Jury)
The State of Western Australia v. Christian John Gomis(Trial by Jury)
The State of Western Australia v. Jayden Albert Kett(Trial by Jury)
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1COR 126/2015Twin Ocean Corporation P/L v. Sunfire Asset P/LAt 09:15
In ChambersGilich 
Mediation RM 1, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2738/2014Watson v. CSR Limited(Mediation Conference) 10:00
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1COR 39/2015Weaver & OrsAt 09:15
In ChambersChaney J.
Court 1, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2072/2010Wesfarmers Kleenheat Gas P/L v. Coffey Lpm P/L & Anor(By Appointment) 10:30
In ChambersChaney J.
Court 1, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1442/2014Williams v. Schwarzback(Directions) 14:15
Judge's CMC ListKenneth Martin J.
Court 2, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2803/2013Wilson v. CoxonAt 09:15
Masters ListSanderson 
Court 1CIV 1375/2015Winter Holdings (WA) P/LAt 09:15
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