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The daily cause list for 21 April 2015

The Court is open to the public.

Court Type CoramLocation File Number Matter Time
Registrars ChambersWhitby 
Court 11CIV 2631/2014Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited v. ConstantineAt 09:30
Masters ListGething 
Court 8CIV 2074/2014Bantaya v. LangstonAt 09:15
Registrars ChambersWhitby 
Court 11CIV 2513/2014Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited v. ThompsonAt 09:30
Court of Appeal - CivilMurphy J.A.
Court 1CACV 136/2014Bride v. Shire of Katanning(For Judgment) 09:30
Masters ListGething 
Court 8COR 59/2015Capital Works Construction Pty Ltd v. PSS Group Pty LtdAt 09:15
Masters ListGething 
Court 8COR 57/2015Carrello v. Luff Holdings Pty LtdAt 09:15
Case Management HearingsDixon 
Mediation RM 4, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1295/2015Chaisri v. Thygesen & OrsAt 11:00
Masters ListGething 
Court 8COR 45/2015Commissioner of State Revenue v. M & K Willoughby Pty LtdAt 09:15
Registrars ChambersWhitby 
Court 11CIV 1118/2015Commonwealth Bank of Australia v. GunstonAt 09:30
In CriminalAllanson J.
Court 1, Floor 14, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthSJA 1008/2015Davies v. Barrett(For Hearing) 10:00
Case Management HearingsDixon 
Mediation RM 4, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1162/2015Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v. SilverthorneAt 10:40
Case Management HearingsDixon 
Mediation RM 4, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1150/2015Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v. SilverthorneAt 10:40
In ChambersKenneth Martin J.
Court 1, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1977/2002Director Of Public Prosecutions For Western Australia v. Mansfield(Directions)
Fitzroy All Pty Ltd v. Mansfield(Directions)
Masters ListGething 
Court 8CIV 2950/2010Embleton Motor Co Pty Ltd v. Kaplan & AnorAt 09:15
In ChambersWhitby 
Mediation RM 1, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1997/2014Goldbond Super Fund P/L v. Drage(Mediation Conference) 10:30
Masters ListGething 
Court 8CIV 1365/2015Hodgkins v. The Estate of Frances Margaret GosenAt 09:15
In ChambersGething 
Court 8CIV 1674/2014HSBC Bank Australia Ltd v. Mavaddat(By Appointment) 14:15
Masters ListGething 
Court 8PRO 5675/2014In The Estate of Anneliese Marie Klute DeceasedAt 09:15
In ChambersDixon 
Mediation RM 4, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthPRO 3140/2012In the Estate of Margaret Ann Buswell deceasedPassing of Accounts 14:15
In ChambersGething 
Court 8CIV 2030/2014Johnson v. Hallam(By Appointment)Not Before 11:00
In ChambersBeech J.
Court 10CIV 1563/2015MacAulay v. Piggott & Ors(By Appointment) 14:15
Judge's CMC ListLe Miere J.
Court 1, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2121/2013Marcello v. Pacific Industrial Company (WA) Pty Ltd & OrsAt 09:15
In ChambersDavies 
Court 5CIV 3068/2010McDonald v. Amaca P/L(Mediation Conference) 14:15
In ChambersS Boyle 
Mediation RM 1, Floor 17, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2417/2014Melling v. The Public Trustee & Ors(Mediation Conference) 10:30
Masters ListGething 
Court 8COR 55/2015Modular Forms Pty Ltd v. Cecich & AnorAt 09:15
In ChambersC Boyle 
Mediation RM 2, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthLPA 21/2013Morgan v. The Australasian Lawyers Group P/L(Taxation of Costs) 09:45
Masters ListGething 
Court 8COR 61/2015Pascoe Industries Pty Ltd v. Raisebeck & OrsAt 09:15
Masters ListGething 
Court 8COR 54/2015Perrine Architecture Pty Ltd v. Savanah Engineers (WA) Pty LtdAt 09:15
Masters ListGething 
Court 8FRJ 1/2015Resorts World At Sentosa Pte LtdAt 09:15
Case Management HearingsDixon 
Mediation RM 4, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2440/2013Ryder v. Aphrodite Gold LimitedAt 10:00
Registrars ChambersWhitby 
Court 11CIV 2469/2014Secure Funding Pty Ltd v. RobinsonAt 09:30
Court of Appeal - CivilBuss J.A.
Newnes J.A.
Murphy J.A.
Court 1CACV 54/2014Smith v. Zhong(For Hearing) 10:30
Masters ListGething 
Court 8CIV 1326/2015Stanley v. Draper & AnorAt 09:15
Masters ListGething 
Court 8CIV 2642/2014Suncorp-Metway Limited v. TurcoAt 09:15
In CriminalJenkins J.
Court 4-1, District Court Building, 500 Hay Street, PerthINS 116/2014The State of Western Australia v. Allan Bradley McIntosh(Trial by Jury) 10:00
In CriminalMartino J.
Court 4-3, District Court Building, 500 Hay Street, PerthINS 124/2014The State of Western Australia v. Alvin Glenn Kirwan(Trial by Jury) 10:00
In CriminalSimmonds J.
Court 2INS 120/2014The State of Western Australia v. Rodney Kevin Corbett(Trial by Jury) 10:00
In CriminalMitchell J.
Court 6INS 198/2014The State of Western Australia v. Russell Graham Penny(Sentencing) 09:15
In CriminalHeenan J.
Court 4-2, District Court Building, 500 Hay Street, PerthINS 110/2014The State of Western Australia v. Stephen Michael Radonich(Trial by Jury) 10:00
Masters ListGething 
Court 8COR 26/2015Truckworld (WA) Pty Ltd v. Deliver Western Australia Pty LtdAt 09:15
Court of Appeal - CriminalMartin C.J.
Mazza J.A.
Hall J.
Court 3CACR 123/2014Wallam v. The State of Western Australia(For Hearing)
Drage v. The State of Western Australia(For Hearing)
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