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The daily cause list for 27 February 2015

The Court is open to the public.

Court Type CoramLocation File Number Matter Time
Case Management HearingsC Boyle 
Court 3, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2675/2014Ansa Enterprises P/L & Anor v. Australian Finance Group LtdAt 10:30
In ChambersSimmonds J.
Court 6CIV 2140/2014Australian Federal PoliceBy Appointment 10:00
Court of Appeal - CivilMcLure P.
Newnes J.A.
Mazza J.A.
Court 1CACV 135/2013Bajaj v. Beachtown Investments P/L(For Judgment) 09:30
In CivilMcKechnie J.
Court 10CIV 1363/2009Christos v. Curtin University of Technology(For Judgment) 09:30
Case Management HearingsGilich 
Court 5CIV 1183/2014Commonwealth Bank of Australia Trading as Bankwest v. River Grove Private Estate P/L & OrsAt 10:00
Case Management HearingsGilich 
Court 5CIV 2083/2014Commonwealth Bank of Australia v. JefferyAt 10:15
In ChambersSimmonds J.
Court 6CIV 2265/2006Computer Accounting and Tax P/L v. Professional Services of Australia P/L & Anor(By Appointment) 15:15
Case Management HearingsC Boyle 
Court 3, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2501/2014Exclude Holdings P/L v. WarwickAt 10:15
Court of Appeal - CriminalNewnes J.A.
Mazza J.A.
Court 3CACR 150/2014Forsyth v. The Queen(For Judgment) 09:30
In ChambersAllanson J.
Court 2, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2765/2010Frigger v. Kitay(By Appointment) 09:30
In ChambersWhitby 
Court 1, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2724/2014GPA P/L v. Town of Cambridge(Mediation Conference) 11:30
In ChambersChaney J.
Court 1, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 1269/2014Hamersley HMS P/L v. Kellogg Brown & Root P/L(By Appointment)
Hamersley Iron P/L v. Kellogg Brown & Root P/L(By Appointment)
In ChambersS Boyle 
Mediation RM 3, Floor 15, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2126/2014Humphrey v. Butler(Mediation Conference)
Townsend v. Butler & Anor(Mediation Conference)
Case Management HearingsGilich 
Court 5CIV 2388/2012Mueller v. PSAL P/LAt 09:30
Case Management HearingsC Boyle 
Court 3, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2756/2014Nex Metals Explorations Ltd v. Stone Resources AustraliaAt 10:00
Case Management HearingsC Boyle 
Court 3, Floor 13, 111 St Georges Tce, PerthCIV 2579/2014Perpetual Limited v. Bishop & AnorAt 10:45
Case Management HearingsGilich 
Court 5CIV 1061/2015SMS Rental (WA) P/L v. Carna Group P/LAt 10:30
Court of Appeal - CivilBuss J.A.
Murphy J.A.
Edelman J.
Court 3CACV 61/2013Swick Nominees P/L v. Leroi International Inc(For Judgment)
Swick Nominees P/L v. Norncott P/L(For Judgment)
In CriminalHall J.
Court 2INS 152/2014The State of Western Australia v. Abraham Keung Cross(Trial by Jury) 10:00
In CriminalCorboy J.
Court 7INS 124/2014The State of Western Australia v. Alvin Glenn Kirwan(Directions) 10:00
In CriminalCorboy J.
Court 3INS 71/2013The State of Western Australia v. Michal Adam Kurdziel(Sentencing) 14:15
In CriminalSimmonds J.
Court 6INS 315/2014The State of Western Australia v. Mohammed Hassan Abdi(Reserved Decision) 14:15
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