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Court Lists

Family Court Daily Court List

State Administrative Tribunal Daily Court List

Court listings for the Supreme Court and District Court are available below.

Both courts have listings available in a standard format, as well as a tabular format to assist in sorting court hearings.

Supreme Court | Daily Cause List | Table Format
District Court | Daily Cause List | Table Format

Supreme Court - Daily Cause List

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The daily court list is accurate as at: 26 May 2017

The Court is open to the public.

In Criminal

before The Hon. The Chief Justice  
 Court No. 3
1 State Director of Public Prosecution v. Nigel Christopher Yates (DSO 3/2013)
 Breach of Supervision Order
2 The State of Western Australia v. Nigel Christopher Yates (INS 351/2016)
 Breach of Supervision Order

before The Hon. Justice Jenkins  
 Court 4-1, District Court Building, 500 Hay Street, Perth
1 The State of Western Australia v. Matthew Howarth (INS 181/2016)
 Trial by Jury
2 The State of Western Australia v. Johnathan Derek Pihema (INS 181/2016)
 Trial by Jury
3 The State of Western Australia v. Christopher Joe Moir (INS 181/2016)
 Trial by Jury

In Civil

before The Hon. Justice Chaney  
 Court 35, David Malcolm Justice Centre
1 Tang & Cheng P/L v. Silverleaf Investments P/L (CIV 3168/2016)
 For Judgment
2 Silverleaf Investments P/L v. Tang & Chen P/L (CIV 3016/2016)
 For Judgment

before The Hon. Justice Banks-Smith  
 Court 36, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Coal Hub P/L v. NSL Consolidated Limited (CIV 1202/2015)
 Part Heard

In Chambers

before The Hon. Justice Le Miere  
 Court 43, David Malcolm Justice Centre
1 Knowler & Anor v. The State of Western Australia (CPCA 95/2012)
2 Dang v. The State of Western Australia (CPCA 85/2015)
3 Jenzarli & Anor v. The State of Western Australia (CPCA 15/2015)
4 Trajkoski v. Director of Public Prosecutions for the State of Western Australia (CIV 1268/2003)
5 Lin v. The State of Western Australia (CPCA 16/2017)
6 National Australia Bank Limited v. The State of Western Australia (CPCA 14/2017)
7 Allegretta v. The State of Western Australia (CPCA 28/2015)
8 Howlett & Anor v. The State of Western Australia (CPCA 12/2017)
9 Sullivan v. The State of Western Australia (CPCA 15/2017)
10 Sullivan v. The State of Western Australia (CPCA 18/2017)

before  Registrar Davies  
 Hearing Room 903, David Malcolm Justice Centre
McRobert Superannuation P/L & Ors v. Cranston & Ors (CIV 2682/2016)
 Mediation Conference

before  Registrar Dixon  
 Mediation Room 803, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Duckworth & Ors v. Water Corporation (CIV 1795/2013)
 Mediation Conference

before  Registrar S Boyle  
 Hearing Room 710, David Malcolm Justice Centre

before  Registrar Whitby  
 Mediation Room 714, David Malcolm Justice Centre

before  Acting Master Strk  
 Court 907, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Not Before 12:00
Cimetta & Ors v. Di Lello (CIV 1495/2016)
 By Appointment

Case Management Hearings

In Registrar's Chambers, before  Registrar Whitby in Mediation Room 714, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 10:30 1  CIV  1991/2014    Magas v Sundo & Ors

Case Management Hearings

In Registrar's Chambers, before  Registrar S Boyle in Hearing Room 710, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 10:30 1  CIV  1608/2017    Hood v The Public Trustee
At 11:00 2  CIV  1122/2017    Eleganza Developments P/L v Danicic
At 11:30 3  CIV  1459/2017    Shepard v Galea

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